How A React App Works Under Hood

Do you know a react app is not created with only react? There is a part of react. Actually a react project is combined with some tools that works together like babel, node, npm, jsx, webpack. As a beginner, I just try to simply describe how react works.

Tools with react.js
  1. Babel is…

If you are a programmer and when you run code successfully, sometimes it’s a big surprise for you that “no error!!” why?? So, an error is a very common matter.

Bugs in code
Bug in Code

Error Types

There are three types of error :

  1. Syntax Error: It occurs when a programmer makes a mistake in a pre-defined…

Do you want to create animation in your react project? There are many frameworks for animation. Today I talk about react-reveal. Do you think as a beginner, it’s hard to create animation? No, rather it’s too easy and awesome that I choose to write! Let’s start.

At first, you should…

Jannatun Naher Reya

A Front-end Developer

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